Mario's Swimsuit Reveals More Than You Think

This will be quick, but just recently a picture of Mario in a bathing suit was released. It was meant to show a beach theme from Mario Odyssey. 

What ended up being revealed, besides Mario's cute lil' nips, was the mentality of a common Nintendo fan. People seem to be flipping out over his exposure. It's true that he's never been topless, but it's also true that Mario is a goddamn man. To think this is anything is just you being a whiney asshole. Do I even need to remind you that in his next release he's carrying a GUN!?

I've said it before, Nintendo is off their rocker and are starting to do stuff just to get attention. They are the Kim Kardashian of video games. 

Don't be a Nintendolt.  

I love you. 

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