NEW Look For Ben Affleck's Batman In 'The Flash'

The upcoming superhero movie has seen its development hiccups over the years, even going back as far as 2004, with various directors and writers being pinned to the project, but very little confirmed at the time. Borrowing elements from the Flashpoint comic, a crossover tie-in that features many Justice League heroes, this project was to tie in with the DCEU with Ezra Miller reprising his role as the Speedster and Ben Affleck donning the mantle as the Dark Knight at least one more time.

Filming was to be underway in early 2020 until (say it with me) Covid-19 shifted scheduling indefinitely. Director Andy Muschietti has confirmed production was underway back in the spring and filming in Glasgow was taking place Monday. Photos have become available of Ben Affleck's new Batman look for the movie, as well as an appearance on his Batcycle. The man in the Batsuit is Affleck's stunt/body double, as Ben was seen with Jennifer Lopez on a yacht this weekend. Michael keaton will also appear as a different version of Batman, and has been spotted during the filming in London, but hasn't been seen in his suit yet. 

“[Affleck’s] Batman has a dichotomy that is very strong, which is his masculinity–because of the way he looks, and the imposing figure that he has, and his jawline — but he’s also very vulnerable,” director Andy Muschietti told Vanity Fair in 2020. “He knows how to deliver from the inside out, that vulnerability. He just needs a story that allows him to bring that contrast, that balance.”

Back in June, Muschietti gave some hints of what could possibly be Keaton's Batman costume with a close-up of the late 80's-style insignia with blood splattered on it, no doubt leaving speculation as to what the story may have regarding the fate of these multiverse Batmans...or Batmen? Sasha Calle (Young And The Restless) will star as Supergirl, and Kiersey Clemons (Dope, Flatliners) is cast as Iris West.

The Flash is scheduled to hit theaters sometime in 2022.

SOURCE: New York Post, Vanity Fair

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