Nintendo Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments Releasing In July

Ever since Hallmark began releasing official gaming ornaments a few years back, my Christmas ornament collection has grown exponentially.

The following all release on July 9, 2022. 

Nintendo Super Mario™ Powered Up With Mario Raccoon Mario Ornament


See online here.

The notes say "1st in the Powered Up With Mario Keepsake Ornament series" so I bet we can expect more Mario powers in future releases.

Nintendo Mario Kart™ Bowser Ornament


See online here.

Mini Nintendo Super Mario™ Yoshi Ornament, 0.876"


See online here.

Miniature Nintendo Super Mario™ Ornaments, Set of 6

See online here.

If you plan to buy a lot, these ornaments aren't cheap. But Hallmark does a great job showcasing the ornaments in advance with staggered release dates to help your wallet handle it a little better. 

And if you're unfamiliar with how Hallmark works, you can create a wish list online and send it to your local Hallmark store. It's basically preordering without having to pay in advance. Your local store calls you when the ornaments are in and set aside for you! This is very helpful as sometimes ornaments are limited edition or they just end up being extremely popular and sell out online. 

More ornaments are coming this fall, including some Sega ones! Stay tuned.

Information and photos courtesy of Hallmark.

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