Original Stitch Closes For Good June 12 - FREE Digital Wallpapers

Original Stitch, an online clothing company, announced at the end of May that the company is closing for good. The closing announcement also is for their Pokémon Shirts line, made-to-order clothes featuring four generations of Pokémon with all unique art designs. 

Each Pokémon shirt started at $119 USD a piece, so I'm sure not many of us were placing orders. Since the closing announcement, people have been flooding the site for their last chance to buy clothing (so maybe they are willing to spend $100+ on one shirt). 

I got to see the first-gen patterns in person recently at a Pokémon Center pop up store in Hamamatsu, Japan. 

Since we'll never own all of the shirt designs, Original Stitch was kind enough to make EVERY design available as mobile wallpaper! This is your chance to find your favorite Pokémon and enjoy some unique art.

Original Stitch closes on June 12, 2023 in Japan, so that's presumably when the website will shutter for good. If you want any mobile wallpapers, use Double Speed and download them now!

The popup store even had little pikachus with the shirts! Sadly they weren't for sale.

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