A week ago, I posted about a confirmed developer update that was scheduled for later in the month. Well, today was the developer update, and it was kind of big. Lets break it down! 

The biggest issues currently in Overwatch is the meta. Something I think the dev team, especially Jeff himself, is probably sick of hearing about. 

In the developer update, Jeff said several times that "they are listening to us" - us being the player base. 

In their attempts to further stabilize the meta, they are adding "hero pools". Starting with season 21, the heroes of Overwatch are going to be on a weekly rotation. Much like the current map rotation, certain heroes will be unavailable during certain weeks. The hero pool will be on a weekly rotation. They (the developers) feel that this will help in keeping the meta "more fluid" because certain heroes won't be available on certain weeks and it will keep "hero diversity".

In a way, it's kind of like the hero ban system that was leaked, but in a different way. Instead of the players voting on the ban, the developers are doing it them self. 

Jeff also noted that this change will also be in the Overwatch League, but in a different way. He didn't say how different, just that it will be different. 

The second thing (well the first thing actually) that Jeff talked about was their balancing of heroes. Currently, if they decided to change a hero, they will make the changes on the PTR - which is only available to PC players. Now, they are adding a new card to the arcade play list called "experimental". This game mode will focus on character changes and gameplay changes. Now, console players can also partake in PTR like experimenting. They are doing this so everybody can help them test changes and not just PC players. 

This play mode will also count towards any challenges and your weekly loot boxes for arcade mode. 

Jeff also spoke briefly about changes being made for the quality of life of the game. Changes to the replay system - like being able to share replays with friends - and being able to "pin" replays, which will allow you to keep it forever with out using a slot. He also mentioned that there is also changes being made to the career profile (like the ability to sort player icons). 

You can watch the entire developer update here. 

It's not very long, clocking in at just under 11 and a half minutes. 

What do you guys think of these changes? Good or bad? 

As always, this has been James with Game Fix show. Game on everybody! 

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