Pokémon Center Adds Plethora Of Grad Gifts

Congrats, grad! -Pikachu

The Pokémon Center has been filling up with 2022 Pikachu-themed graduation items so now's the time to think about your Pokéfan grad!

Pikachu Plush - $17.99
Probably the most unique gift on the list is the Pikachu plush! Luckily, this plush does not have the year "2022" on it, so you can always do what I did and buy yourself a very very late graduation gift, hahaha. (Seriously, I bought one and finished college years ago.)

Graduation Pendant Necklaces - $89.99

If you're ready to spring a little for your grad, there are two 2022 graduation necklaces with Pokémon theming. (Here's the link to the second one.)

Pin Box Set - $39.99

A four-piece pin set in a box shaped like a graduation cap!

Graduation Figures - $25.99 each
These Pikachu figures are adorable and should be in any Pokéfan's grad gift! (Funny to note: The female Pikachu figure looks a little more distinguished with a Master ball. Perhaps she got her Master's degree?)

You can view the entire collection, including other items not mentioned in this post, here. Photos courtesy of The Pokémon Company.

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