QubicGames 15 Year Anniversary Free Game Giveaway on the Nintendo Switch

QubicGames has quite a deal in store for both their 15 years of producing games AND conveniently for the holiday season. If you're a Switch owner, this looks like a banger of a deal. So as long as you own any title by CubicGames before December 15th, you can qualify for 10 free games that you can download from the Nintendo eShop:

Step 1: As stated, be sure that you own at least one game from CubicGames (EU/Australia: Space Pioneer, Get Me Outta Here, and Monster Bugs Eats People are excluded from the owner's discount).

Step 2: Download Robonauts for free between Dec 10th and Dec 15th. This will begin a chain reaction of free titles you can get from CubicGames

Step 3: Download the next game the day it becomes available. A final free game on the 24th has yet to be announced. Remember to get all the previous games to keep the chain going 

Here's the full lineup of free games that will be available:

Dec 10th-15th - Robonauts

Dec 16th - Geki Yaba Runner

Dec 17th - Puzzle Book

Dec 18th - One Strike

Dec 19th - Wreckin' Ball Adventure

Dec 20th - Koloro

Dec 21st - #RaceDieSun

Dec 22nd - Rekt

Dec 23rd - Mana Spark

Dec 24th - Mystery Game TBA

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