Resident Evil Re:Verse Announces It's Delayed Until 2022

Expected to be released in July, Capcom has decided seemingly out of nowhere to push back the launch of its player-vs-player multiplayer survival horror shooter mode. Its initial release date was to follow Resident Evil Village, but was postponed after feedback to the beta was said to have many technical issues. Capcom held off the release to address the online performance of the mode.

Capcom released a statement on Twitter that the delay is to continue working on fixing the performance of Re:Verse.

"The previously announced July 2021 launch of Resident Evil Re:Verse is being moved to 2022 so that the team can continue working to deliver a smooth gameplay experience. We will share updated launch details at a later time. Thank you for your patience and understanding."


With the mode plagued by many problems, holding back its release is essential. This does run into the matter of there being more viable multiplayer options in the coming calendar year. Since the several betas failed to impress fans, it sounds like Capcom has a lot of work ahead of itself to present Re:Verse as something players will be interested in. In a follow-up tweet, Capcom reminded those that purchased the physical edition of Resident Evil Village to continue to follow updates to keep track of the download code when the game is ready to drop next year.

Resident Evil Re:Verse will be available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PS4, Stadia, and PC.

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