Sharp Manufacturing LCD Displays For A 'New Console', Raising Nintendo Switch Successor Speculations

It's time for another bout of guessing when, not if, a new Nintendo platform is officially announced in the works. The world remains waiting for something to be confirmed, but some recent developments (quite literally) have sparked some fascinating discussion. among the gaming community. 

According to a report by TweakTown, Japanese tech and electronics manufacturer Sharp has told investors they are providing LCD screens for "new game consoles". With the topic of the Nintendo Switch's follow-up gaming platform being a regular hot topic, it could also be for Sony's reported new handheld device, codenamed the Q-Lite. Bloomberg reporter Takashi Mochizuki picked up on this reporting, prompting Sharp to quickly edit the literature, omitting the "new gaming console" reference.

Chances are, these panels are more likely for Sony's new platform, given Nintendo is very proud of their OLED screen display. It would be a step backwards for the next generation of Nintendo console, as the LCD screen was a decision for the original Switch to keep costs down. Nintendo remains very tight-lipped about what their plans are regarding new hardware, but they don't seem to be in too much of a hurry to replace the Switch. While widely successful, its sales are starting to taper off, as the PlayStation 5 picks up steam.

From what is known about PlayStation's "Q-Lite", it will require the PlayStation 5 and will likely boast remote play, a feature Sony has tampered with in the past. Some of its early prototypes were said to sport an 8-inch LCD screen and adaptive triggers for haptic feedback. 

SOURCES: TweakTown, Takashi Mochizuki

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