Team Ninja Releases Final Update On Dead Or Alive 6, Releasing The Last Of Its DLC

Dead or Alive 6's 1.22 version update will be the last of the game's road map for the foreseeable future. The latest update adds the "High Society" and "School Uniform" packs, both were available in the previous game, Dead or Alive 5 Final Round. This remaining bit of content drops marks the end of production of DOA after just a shade over a calendar year. 

Dead or Alive 6 was released on March 1st 2019 to a polarizing reaction from long-time fans of the series. Team Ninja had reported initially that a lot of the key appeal of the franchise (its roster of very popular female fighters) would see less of the fan service sex appeal the Dead or Alive name is noted for in favor of a more mainstream approach. The production and marketing team seemed split on that goal, as a live stream prior to the game's release at EVO Japan was cut short after some suggestive display of "physics" from the female presenters (viewer discretion is advised). 

Along with an overhaul to the mechanics, DOA players saw the actual game play significantly inferior and unfavorable compared to its predecessor. Shortly after its release, which saw sluggish sales (approximately 350,000 copies in its first month of release, half of Dead or Alive 5 upon its launch), Dead or Alive 6 released a free access version titled The Core Fighters to entice more players to sign up for a base version of the game where you can purchase the fighters you wish. Its season passes were priced at a steep $79.99 for costume catalogs and characters, leaving die-hard fans feeling this was a Dead or Alive game suffering from misdirection and a lack of listening to its base. Team Ninja released their statement on the matter, clearly eyeing a future past this entry.

"As we turn the page on this chapter, we encourage all of you to continue to engage, compete, and enjoy DOA 6, as most of the features will remain much in play. We appreciate all of you and we look forward to returning to fight another day."

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