The PS5 Controller Has Been Revealed

In a blog posted today, Sony has finally revealed their new controller for the PS5.

Called the "DualSense controller". This is the biggest redesign of the PlayStation controller yet. The biggest change is the two-toned colors and the slightly altered angle of the shoulder buttons. It also includes a built-in mic to allow you to talk and rechargeable batteries.   

It features a refined haptic feedback system to allow it to capture a broader range of motions. When your car drives through mud, you're going to feel it. When you get hit, you're going to feel that impact.  

Included is adaptive trigger buttons to dynamically change how you play. This will allow you to either pull the trigger back fully or slowly press it down for precision. 

Gone is the "Share" button and replaced with a "Create" button. However, what the "Create" button does hasn't been revealed just as of yet.

The motion pad has made a return, but what it does also hasn't been revealed yet. Only a few games too advanced of this on the original PS4. And it still has the lightbars on the controller... something I wished they removed.

You can read the entire blog post here, but it doesn't go into a lot of detail on the new features.

Personally I like the Xbox controllers myself. 

This has been James with Game Fix. Game on everybody!   

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