The Pink Mercy Skin Finally Gets A Total

Back in May I reported on Blizzard teaming up with the BCRF to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. Blizzard released a new skin for everybody's favorite healer Mercy. The pink skin was an original design that came with new animations and sound effects. Along with this, there were T-shirts made from special artists for both men and women. Blizzard said that 100% of all money raised will go to the BCRF and they will announce the total amount at the end of the event.  

In a video released today on the PlayOverwatch Youtube channel Blizzard made that announcement. 

$12.7 million. 


This campaign was single largest donation from a corporate partnership in the entire 25 year history of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

You can read more about the big check presentation here

And as always, this has been James with Game Fix. Bringing you a heartwarming post about a community coming together. 

Game on everybody!  

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