Why I Think You Should Stop Bitching About The First Legendary Pirate

So recently a streamer on Twitch, that goes by Prod1gyX has become the first player to hold the title "Legendary" is Sea of Thieves. Which means he's reached the highest level allotted in the game to level 50 for each of the 3 categories. Which should of taken him a lot longer, but he was determined to see what happens once you reach "Legendary" status.

To sum up why people on the Sea of Thieves SubReddit are mad is that they are saying he was boosted by the others he played with. They are saying he is a noob, can't aim, and saying he didn't do anything but just collected gold while his teammates were doing all the work. Be that as it may, this game is essentially the most legal way to be a pirate. Which means in the game you can plunder any treasure that you seek, which includes attacking another ship or hiding out on the island and high jacking anyone at anytime. As far as I see it, he was playing the game as it was meant to be played, taking advantage over others and just enjoying the hunt.

What I'm saying is stop bitching because this guy understood the system better than anyone else. He found a way to cashed in. For god sakes this game is about being a pirate. A PIRATE! If you don't know who pirates were, just a hint they weren't the Disney pirates we all know and love. They we're ruthless money hungry monsters. They didn't care that you had a family or a home. They took. They pillage. And yes, as surprise to some they raped and killed people. Thankfully (obviously)the first part they left out of the game lol. So stop bitching that you weren't "first", so petty and dumb.

But I don't want to seem upset by those who don't know how to play the game correctly. So here's some tips...

1. If you have treasure on your ship, probably not the best idea to attack another ship for their treasure.

2. If you see another ship docked at an outpost, you may want to go on to the next outpost to cash in your findings.

3. If you are afraid there are people waiting for you at an outpost and there is no ship, either A. don't cash in alone or B. look for their mermaid, if you see a mermaid in the water and you are on your boat that means someone is probably close by, stay frosty.

4. This is a game about being pirates, which means you can be a pirate too.

5. Last but not least, check out our video of our first Kraken experience. Maybe it will get you ready for when you finally come across this beast of the depths! ARGGH!!

As a bonus, here is a giant spoiler on what happens when you become "Legendary". So watch if you like or don't, this one is on you.

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