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Users Are Reporting Switch's Are Cracking

The Nintendo Switch has been out for a little over a year now, and while its still gotten a lot of positive feedback it has had its host of issues. Some users have reported that the dock, that came with the device, would scratch the console requiring you to purchase a screen protector. Some users have also experienced the left Joy-Con disconnecting from the console itself which stems from Nintendo's decision to put the left controllers Bluetooth antenna inside the circuit board itself. Other users have noticed that their console is bending or warping. This comes from the dock itself also. Long play inside the dock will heat up the plastic causing it to warp slightly. Luckily, this issue hasn't caused any long lasting effects - at the time of this writing. There have also been reports…


Posted by James Tuttle on July 12, 2018 at 3:36pm

Huge Overwatch League News

Earlier this week I posted the "Everything you need to know about the Season 1 Finals". You can view that post here to get caught up on everything going on in the finals. 

Today I am posting about the huge announcement that just broke. 

According to, Blizzard has partnered with ESPN, ABC Family, and Disney to air the Overwatch League Season 1 finals and the entirety Season 2 on their respective networks. The deal, signed this morning, does not cancel out any previous deals that were in place. So you will still be able to watch it on Twitch if you like. 

ESPN Vice President of Digital Media Programming John…


Posted by James Tuttle on July 11, 2018 at 1:41pm

First Look At The New Shazam Movie

Entertainment Weekly has the first look at the new Shazam movie. When I say look, that's all it really is, just a picture. For your enjoyment, here is that picture...

I'd love to see anything at all about this movie other than one picture. Although I think the picture is really great but keeping in mind this is the DC Universe, so we'll see. The cast itself looks very promising, of course Captain Marvel will be played by Zachary Levi(not to be confused with Marvel's Captain Marvel that will be played by Brie Larson) and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will be playing Black Adam. Just those two actors give this movie some validity. But I'm not holding my breath. Shazam! is slated to be released April 9th, 2019. What do you think?

Check back I will post the first trailer (once it's released) right…


Posted by Spanish on July 11, 2018 at 11:38am — 2 Comments

The Pink Mercy Skin Finally Gets A Total

Back in May I reported on Blizzard teaming up with the BCRF to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. Blizzard released a new skin for everybody's favorite healer Mercy. The pink skin was an original design that came with new animations and sound effects. Along with this, there were T-shirts made from special artists for both men and women. Blizzard said that 100% of all money raised will go to the BCRF and they will announce the total amount at the end of the event.  

In a video released today on the PlayOverwatch Youtube channel Blizzard made that announcement. 

$12.7 million. 


This campaign was single largest donation from a corporate partnership…


Posted by James Tuttle on July 9, 2018 at 1:00pm

Everything You Need To Know About OWL Season 1 Finals

The Road To The Grand Finals starts next week. Here is everything you need to know before going in. 


  • Quarter & Semi Finals are from July 11th thru July 21st and will be held at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles. 
  • Grand Finals will be on July 27th & 28th and will take place at the Barclay Center in New York City 
  • Top finishers of each division will compete in a two-game Series
  • Each Series is a best-of-three Matches
  • Matches will be best-of-five Maps
  • First team to win 2 matches, wins the series.
  • First place teams from each Division earn a bye in the first…

Posted by James Tuttle on July 3, 2018 at 3:30pm

Hero 28 Is...A Hamster? ***UPDATE***

So, after all the teases from Blizzard, the Overwatch Twitter finally reveals Hero 28. Here is that Tweet...

No name was given, but we are assuming this is the missing specimen from Horizon Lunar Colony, Hammond. Yep, they have said that Hammond was smaller than Winston, we all assumed it was another gorilla or primate in general. Turns out, Hammond was never that, but it seems he is a Hamster! he a oversized hamster? Does his sphere suit work like D.Va's mech? Does his…


Posted by Spanish on June 28, 2018 at 11:30am — 1 Comment






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