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Get 50% Off Of Three Years Of PlayStation Plus

Ok I get it, this does not sound legit. Turns out it is very much legit! I had to buy the deal myself and plug in the codes just to make sure it's safe for our listeners, and sure enough "Next renewal date: 07/29/2024". How good is it to see that?! 2024! For $90 it is soooo worth it. 

To get your 3 years of PS Plus,…


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The New Mortal Kombat Movie Has Just Released New Movie Posters

You read right, the new Mortal Kombat movie has just released 10 new character posters. Which one is your favorite?…


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Sony Reveals The PS5 Specs

Among all the corona virus news the smoke [somewhat] clears as Sony finally reveals the specs of the elusive PlayStation 5. Today Sony had a 55 minute reveal video that shed some light on what they have been working on. As excited as we all should be, the biggest takeaway of the reveal is the solid state drive(SSD), it will dramatically reduce load times for…


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Cyberpunk 2077 Is Getting A Huge Delay

This comes from Co-founder Marcin Iwinski and Head of Studio Adam Badowski of CD Projekt Red...

As you can see they need more time to polish up Cyberpunk 2077. I say take all the time you need. I'd rather play a finished, polished game than a rushed Fallout 76. With saying that see you on September 17th, 2020 (allegedly).

Does this make you want to…


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Bethesda Offers Private Worlds In Fallout 76, For A Price

With a move that has left a lot of Fallout 76 players and non-players alike, kind of confused. Bethesda has just announced that they are offering a premium membership to Fallout 76 called Fallout 1st. Bethesda has said that Fallout 1st "offers something players have been asking for since before launch: private worlds for you and select friends." That might…


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Disney's The Lion King & Aladdin Set To Get Full Remasters

Please be true, please be true, please be true!

According to Twitter account @wolverinefactor we will be getting a HD Remaster of both Disney's Aladdin and The Lion King, reported from GameStop Con. I'm sure you are wondering "who is @wolverinefactor? He only has 330+ followers." Well we were skeptical too until @wario64 retweeted them. Here is said…


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First Trailer For Netflix's Witcher Is Here

It's been a busy week because of the San Diego Comic Con and I'm super thankful for that. Now we finally get the trailer for Netflix's The Witcher with Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. It also shows Henry Cavill's "bulging" physique, like holy shit it's impressive! Anyway, here is the trailer...

I'm more interested in this series than I…


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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Is Here

Yep, you read this right! On the way is a new Jay and Silent Bob movie. Just like the prior Kevin Smith movies this one will be star studded as usual. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck will of course make an appearance as well as "Boo-Boo-Kitty-Fuck" Shannon Elizabeth. Here is the new trailer for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, enjoy!

The movie is…


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Studio MDHR Teases The First DLC For Cuphead To Be Delayed

The first DLC from Studio MDHR for Cuphead entitled "The Last Delicious Course" was originally announced on June 10th, 2018 and was set to be released sometime in 2019. Today it was announced that the DLC has been delayed to a 2020 release. During the original announcement the DLC was going to be exclusively released to Xbox One and PC. Since that…


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Super Mario Bros. Has Gone Battle Royale

The idea that Battle Royale genre games need to in first person are in the rear view mirror. We know this now because of Nintendo's Tetris 99, which is awesome by the way and free on the Nintendo Switch, go try it. Anyway...

From reading the headline I know what you are thinking, "really, do we need another Royale game?" I say yes and this unofficial Mario Royale game is exactly what we need.…


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The First Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack On It's Way And It's HUGE

Wow! I can't believe my eyes, I'm actually tearing up. The good people at NetherRealms just posted Shang Tsung's Gameplay Trailer and it does not disappoint! I think you should just watch it, I don't want to ruin it.…


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Marvel Announces Their 'Avengers Project' Game Will be Revealed At E3

Finally! After two and a half years waiting for any type of announcement from Marvel or Square Enix we get this tweet today from Marvel Entertainment.

As you can see Marvel is naming the game "Marvel's Avengers" and I…


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The Ouya Is Officially Dead

You are probably more surprised that the Ouya was still alive before you clicked to read this article. It's ok so we're we.

The Android-based Ouya console was meant to be the answer for a way to play games, cheaper! Before it's release in 2013 it was a part of a crowdfunding project that was met in less than 8 hours. This console, who was marked to be…


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The Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer #2 Is Here

With all the questions about how this movie was going to happen before the release of Endgame, (for those who have seen Endgame) I think we can be excited for the end of marvel's Phase 3. This movie is beginning to look very fun, I can't wait to see it. Now if you haven't seen Avenger: Endgame don't watch this, big ass spoiler! Who am I fooling? You've seen…


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The Capcom Home Arcade Is Coming

Just announced from Capcom is this badass thing! It's the Capcom Home Arcade! They are calling it as an authentic arcade feeling in your home. It comes with 16 classic arcade games already installed on the hard drive.

These are the games listed...

  • 1944: The Loop Master
  • Alien Vs. Predator
  • Armored Warriors
  • Capcom…

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Teaser Trailer for Star Wars Episode IX

IT'S HERE! The first teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode IX is here. The movie is officially titled Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Here is the trailer...

I know a lot of Star Wars fans were not very happy with episode 8. Some of them even went as far as requesting that episode 8 not be canon to the original story. Obviously that won't…


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Project Stream Coming To Google Chrome

Recently on Google's YouTube they teased some news coming on March 19, 2019. This is what Google is calling Project Stream, which is a way to stream the top games on your Google Chrome browser at 60 frames per second and 1080p quality. The game they will start…


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Batman VS Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie

It's here, it's here! The trailer for DC's Batman VS Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is here and I couldn't be more pumped about it. See for yourself...

Shredder VS Batman, HELL YEAH!



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Trailer #2 Is Here For Avengers: Endgame

Start the speculation, we need predictions!

So excited!!!!

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Backwards Compatibility Could Be In Sony's Future

In a surprise patent by Sony it seems that backward compatibility could be a thing in the next PlayStation console. Keep in mind this is just a patent, it doesn't mean it is a for sure possibility, but it is definitely a possibility. If this is true we will be able to play PSone through PS4 games on the "PS5". Here is the proposed flowchart for the…


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