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Koei Tecmo's Poor Game Sales Leading To A Financial Forecast Revision In 2025

After some solid initial sales in 2023 for Japanese publisher/developer Koei Tecmo and their studio Team Ninja with software such as Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and the action RPG Wild Hearts, the returns ended up falling short of fiscal expectations. Based on reporting from…


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RETRO REBOOT | Twisted Metal (Sony PlayStation)

Remember when vehicular combat games were all the rage? Even though Mario Kart precedes it, the success of Twisted Metal launched this medium into the stratosphere. Combining its hectic gameplay while embracing the rebellious attitude of the mid-90's, this game arrived at just the right time to identify with the angsty teens who wanted to put away…


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REPORT: Shadow The Hedgehog May Be Voiced By Keanu Reeves In the Third Sonic Movie

With Sonic the hedgehog 2 teasing Sonic's anthropomorphic arch rival Shadow at the end of the second film (he was shown to be cryogenically frozen, created by Dr. Robotnik), questions began to emerge as to whom will be providing the voice. According to The…


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Ubisoft Removes License To Play Online Racer The Crew, After Shutting Down Servers

Game ownership, preservation, and accessibility remains an uncertain future for many game studios in today's landscape. A live service or piece of online software can run the risk of vanishing into the ether, for a myriad of reasons. Thus is the fate of Ubisoft's online-only racing game The Crew. Back in December 2023, UbiSoft pulled the Crew from…


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Free Games Update | Nintendo Switch Online Super NES April 2024 Updates

Some more additions are making their way to the Nintendo Switch Online service. The Super Nintendo catalog will see three new offerings, including two former Japan-only releases making their first appearance in the United States. With two games in one, it's the puzzle game Wrecking Crew '98. From developer IREM, the side-scrolling space…


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Electronic Arts Denies Dead Space 2 Cancellation Rumors, As EA Motive Shifts Team To Battlefield

EA's Dead Space Remake was released last year and received much critical praise and achieved considerable commercial success, being a best seller in the United States in January 2023. With sources indicating it had done very well, it came as a surprise when Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb reported that Electronic Arts had planned to work on a Dead Space 2…


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RETRO REBOOT | Bully: Scholarship Edition (Xbox 360): Video Games' The Sandlot

In recent memory, going back to as far as the beginning of the seventh generation of systems, there's few games that have commanded such attention for a sequel quite like Bully. The world would later learn through various info drips that a sequel was eventually canned. I initially missed out on this one and didn't quite understand its aura,…


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Balan Wonderworld Creator Yuji Naka Accuses Former Dragon Quest Director Of Lying During Naka's Insider Trading Trial

Yuji Naka, known for being one of the co-creators of classics like Sonic the Hedgehog, NIGHTs Into Dreams, and most recently the underwhelming and disappointing 3D platform game Balan Wonderworld, broke his social media silence to direct comments towards a former Square Enix producer, Yu Miyake. Before pleading guilty to insider trading in 2022, Naka…


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Xbox President Sarah Bond Aims To Future-proof Backwards Compatibility Beyond Current Hardware

Xbox's modus operandi has been focusing on accessibility and convenience within their video game ecosytem. According to emails verified by…


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Sega-Inspired Speedy Platform Game Freedom Planet 2 Launches April 4th

Developed and published by GalaxyTrail, Freedom Planet 2 hits digital retailers today on Steam. The home console versions were published by XSeed. Like the first game, originally released in 2014, players take control of three anthropomorhic animal characters in a speedy platform adventure game inspired by Sega Genesis-era action titles. …


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Pokémon Graduation Gifts Arrive For 2024 Grads

Have a Pokémon fanatic in your life graduating this year? The Pokémon Center website just added their 2024 line of items featuring Pikachu and Eevee. 

Everything from the 2024 lineup is currently in stock:…


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RETRO REBOOT | Final Fantasy IX: Sakaguchi's FINAL Fantasy (PlayStation)

It's 1999. The PlayStation 2 was around the corner, and the Final Fantasy series, which truly spearheaded the PSX past the competition with its strong library. Part of that was the strong catalog of role-playing games. FFVII became a cult phenomenon, spawning a mini-franchise within itself. Final Fantasy VIII was pretty popular, yet became the black…


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Sega Sells Relic Entertainment And Cuts 240 Jobs, Studio Will Become Independent

In efforts to meet the demands of today's economic atmosphere, Sega is clearing a developer from its books. According to, the publisher will be selling…


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Take-Two Interactive Acquires Geabox From Embracer Group For $460 Million

The wholesale purge of media holdings company Embracer Group rolls forward. According to…


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Free Games For April 2024 | PlayStation Plus Monthly Games, Headlined By Immortals Of Aveum

With springtime in bloom, the calendar rolls around to welcome in warm weather, as well as some new free offerings for PlayStation Plus subscribers. If you're a part of the Essential, Extra, and Premium tiers, all games will be available across the PS4 and PS5 platforms.

Exclusively for the PlayStation 5, the 2023 first person shooter from…


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Konami Trailer Teases Upcoming Crossover Event With Survival Game, V Rising

While Castlevania has taken a long hiatus from the public eye, it appears to be enjoying crossover events. Konami has dropped a trailer teasing the legendary vampire killer Simon Belmont coming to the online survival game V Rising, in a Legacy of Castlevania crossover event. And it appears players will be pitted against the legendary vampire…


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RETRO REBOOT | Super Bomberman (Super Nintendo)

Going back to the Hudson Soft line of games, next to the Hudson Bee, Hachisuke, BomberMan may easily have been the publisher/producer's most recognized character. Super Bomberman, developed by Produce! Co. (Dual Heroes and Mystic Ark) was my introduction to the series, though it had been around a decade prior to our family getting…


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Xbox CEO Phil Spencer Hints That PC Storefront Epic Games Could End Up On Xbox Consoles

The Xbox mission statement of expansion and accessibility of its own ecosystems continue to explore in this latest potential development. In an interview with Polygon, CEO of Xbox…


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Overwatch 2's PvE Content Is Officially Done, Will Offer Free Heroes Next Month

Overwatch's story-based player vs environment content has reached the end of its road, based on sources. According to Bloomberg's Jason Scheier, the development staff is planning on permanently cancelling its player vs environment features due to lack of interest and poor's sale, as the competitive shooter is still searching for ways to re-establish…


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What We Know About Fatal Fury: City Of Wolves So Far

One of the most critically revered and influential 2D fighting games is finally getting a sequel. Originally released on the Neo Geo arcade hardware in 1999 and seeing a port to the Sega Dreamcast, SNK has revived the Fatal Fury series with its newest game, and direct follow-up to Mark of the Wolves, Fatal Fury: City of Wolves.

According to a…


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