Be On The Lookout for the "Nanica Smitch"

I'm legitimately surprised this has the temerity to exist. Knockoff consoles are far from a new concept, there are many hackneyed ROM-based consoles over the years (the SouljaGame was only last year, 2018, imagine that) that can act as a cheap alternative to buying a video game console. In other countries, a Playstation 4 can run for $1,845 US dollars. 

Enter the Nanica Smitch (I can't type that name with a straight face. It sounds like a two-year old trying to say their first words), a product available in Colombia, which has a packaging that looks incredibly convincing, I'm certain some confused grandparents will pick up one thinking they're grabbing a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. There's even a trailer for this, for whatever reason shot vertically. 

The detachables, which I will dub "ShmoyCons", do come off, but they are powered by batteries, and I'm certain there will be no HD Rumble feature on them. Here's a list of its amazing product details that will have customers salivating!

I sure do love my favorite retro game "against". Played it all the time, along with "...The...", and its sequel "&". This device sounds like it's giving some of AtGames' Sega products a shred of credibility. Even for its low price point, I can't imagine taking a poke at this, even for the point and laugh factor. I can only theorize that the Nanica Smitch is either an earnest knockoff cash-in or it wanted to be the latest device to try and steal the thunder of the Atari VCS. And if Nintendo doesn't come by to slap a cease and desist on this, I would be surprised.

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