Final Fantasy IX Remake Reported To Feature Traditional Turn-based Gameplay

Adding to the rumors of a Final Fantasy IX remake being in development, details from a reliable insider source have shed more details about the team's approach to its build, based on the Nvidia GeForce Now leak from September of 2021. These details are by way of reporter Jeff Grubb during the newest episode of GiantBomb's Game Mess Mornings, who confirms "the Final Fantasy IX Remake is real and happening".

Additional details come courtesy of an insider on ResetEra Im A Hero Too, informing that the Final Fantasy IX Remake won't be as extensive as the FF7 Remake, but will be more than a remaster. When asked if FF9 Remake will be an action game the way the mainline series has become, Im A Hero Too clarifies it'll boast traditional combat, indicating that it'll likely remain a turn-based RPG, but with a unique implementation of the Active Time Battle system.

Through a deal made with Square Enix, the Final Fantasy IX Remake will not be making its way to the Nintendo Switch and appears it will be a PlayStation exclusive. Fans will be pleased the game will retain the turn-based combat, but it will be a while before this project comes to fruition. According to the leak, it's at least two years away. 

Originally released in July 2000, Final Fantasy IX was the last entry in the series on the original PlayStation, and the final game in the series produced by franchise creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. 

SOURCES: GiantBomb, ResetEra

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