I just heard about World War 3 today, after seeing that they released a "pre gamescon" gameplay video. 

Here it is: 

Just a few things to say. 

First, holy rip off. I understand that many FPS's take from each other, but c'mon. How long before a lawsuit on this?

That aside, it looks like Battlefield 3 without destructible environments. Seriously. The differences between this and a game like Battlefield revolve around the bullet v armor damage or something. In the case of this game, and ONLY this game, a gameplay video should have been saved for later. Maybe have a "devs talk about" video or something. And I'm not saying that there isn't one, but this is the first "public view" of the game. 

Maybe it'll get better, and maybe there is something to it that I just don't get, but there couldn't be anything that would make me choose this over Battlefield 4, or Hardline. Or even Battlefield HEROES.

Okay, maybe not Heroes.

Love ya. 

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