Guerilla Games Plans On An Online Multiplayer Game In The Horizon Franchise

If story-based, cinematic games pique your interest, then the Sony brand of exclusives are certainly for you. The PlayStation brand of exclusives has that covered for a large number of gamers. Titles under the Sony library, however, do not really tap into that online marketplace that many other third party developers have coined. 

When the rumors began to circulate about a multiplayer Horizon title. This would be confirmed following the release of the Horizon Forbidden West DLC expansion The Burning Shores, the @LifeAtGuerilla Twitter would post about career opportunities at Guerilla Games, listing open positions for art projects and game design. This also includes openings on an "online project".

Based on the information available, this spin-off multiplayer game will feature a new line of characters and stories to follow. Online player-vs-player may not be the primary focus of this project. It may most likely stay fixated on exploration and team-based combat against A.I. enemies. I would assume this would be closer to Monster Hunter. No need to panic, if fans believe this is a total shift from Sony into a live service model.

Would you be interested in the Horizon series expanding its universe in this fashion? 

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