Longtime Square Enix Producer, Shinji Hashimoto, Announces His Retirement

Another legendary figure in Japanese game development ends his tenure in the business. Shinji Hashimoto, veteran executive officer and corporate advisor for Square Enix has retired effective today (May 31st) from his position. Hashimoto had the former brand manager for the Final Fantasy series, and was succeeded by Yoshinori Kitase in 2021. Last May, he also relinquished his executive director duties and serve as corporate advisor. Hashimoto made a statement via Twitter:

"Thank you everyone. I will retire on May 31st (Tuesday) today. During my tenure, I am very grateful to all of you in various fields. From now on, I would like to support you as a SQUARE ENIX fan. I'm really thankful to you."

Hashimoto previously worked with Bandai before joining Square in 1995. He was publicity producer for Final Fantasy VII, and book-ended his career as executive producer for Final Fantasy VII Remake. His likeness has been used in Final Fantasy Type-0 as a support personnel at Akademeia named "Hashimoto Meijin". He is also seen in The World Ends With You as "Wizard of Slam", where he helps protagonist Neku out with information about the Tin Pin Slammer.

Final Fantasy XV was his first solo production since Final Fantasy VIII in 1999. He has over 30 video games to his credit.

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