Multiversus Reveals Joker Gameplay Trailer, Powerpuff Girls Spotted By Fans

Multiversus, Warner Bros. Games' award winning free-to-play platform fighting game, is gearing for its re-launch later this month as a full-fledged gaming experience. And quite a way to kick things off with its newest roster addition, Batman's arch nemesis, The Joker. And of course, Mark Hamill will return to reprise the role of the dangerous criminal prankster.

Joker will be a part of Multiversus' Mage class. Mages in the game's meta are long-range characters who may not be very powerful, but excel at setting up traps and utilizing projectiles. A very fitting fighting style for the Clown Prince of Crime. With a roster that's already fairly sizable, How will the team roll out greater surprises for fans to get invested in. Well, they may be dabbling in methods... 

Along with Joker's addition, fans across the socials have eyed something during the trailer. When Batman's console is hacked, detailing the roster of fighters, a profile for the Powerpuff Girls can be seen in the upper right corner. One of Cartoon Network's pioneers for their new generation of animated programming in the 90's debuting as a Cartoon Cartoon, the Powerpuff Girls was created by Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust. It ran for four seasons, and had a theatrical movie. there was also an attempt at a reboot in 2016, which did not go so well. 

It'll be fascinating to see if the Powerpuff Girls retain enough star power to draw fans into Multiversus. Joker is a healthy addition, as the game is fairly short on antagonists. Harley Quinn (who juggles between being an antihero), Marvin the Martian, regularly a comic foil for Bugs and Daffy, and Stripe from Gremlins are the only notable villains.

More info to follow. Look out for Joker, as a part of Mutliversus Season 1. The free-to-play party game will be available on the PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam.

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