Nintendo Will Fix Joycon Drift Problems Free of Charge

It only took two years after the console's release, Nintendo will finally address the "Joycon drift" issue that has affected a large number of Nintendo Switch users. Drift is the general term for when a character in a game will continue to move in a direction even if the user isn't inputting the action on the analog stick. I remember this being an ordeal dating as far back as the Playstation 2, with some games, if the analog stick isn't in a neutral position during a loading screen, for example, chances are the character will be locked into perpetual motion until another input is registered.

Despite this being a problem almost immediately, even with a Reddit thread that is over 19,000 upvotes, Nintendo kept quiet about this concern. That is, up until a class-action lawsuit was filed by law firm Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith. The suit claims Nintendo marketed and sold goods despite "aware of the defect through online consumer complaints." Journalist and tech whizz Spawnwave has discussed methods of debunking why this happens. Another problem that persists, though it's unclear if this will be one that is addressed, is the left Joycon will occasionally power down and has to be resynched with the Switch, leading to many instances where a game is often interrupted. I have a set of Joycons from launch that sees this happen regularly.

In a reported leaked memo by Vice Gaming, Nintendo has offered to fix Joycon drift free of charge. Switch owners are advised to visit for how to have your Joycons fixed if they are affected. While it is disappointing that such a popular topic remained prevalent for so long without any public input from Nintendo that a relatively new product would malfunction without the degradation of time and usage (or a lawsuit looming over the issue) it's comforting that disenfranchised customers will be serviced for their inconvenience.

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