Sega Cancels Team-based Multiplayer Shooter HYENAS And Other Unrevealed Projects

Sega appears to be undergoing a hearty restructure, following some expected losses and lingering problems due to the complications around the COVID-19 pandemic. This "restructuring", according to a letter to investors from president and CEO Haruki Satomi, is mostly affecting Sega's European divisions, like British development team Creative Assembly (Alien: Isolation), whose live service team-based extraction shooter HYENAS is now effectively cancelled before being released, along with other unannounced games.

As the letter reads, "the business environment surrounding the Consumer area has been rapidly changing", citing the European region's stay-at-home demand and social distancing seeing great economic downturn and the increased inflation. With the result of this reform, Sega Sammy is expected to lose a record 14.3 billion yen for the fiscal year ending in March 2024.

"To promptly adapt to these changes in the environment and improve profitability, we have decided to implement structural reforms aimed at increasing efficiency, mainly at our European bases and reviewed the title portfolio in those bases. Then we have made the difficult decision to cancel some titles under the development as well as to reduce the fixed expenses."

A little more than two years ago, Sega spoke about their grander plans including work on a "supergame" or supergames, but never spoke in any robust detail about what exactly that was supposed to mean, as it was never Sonic Frontiers, Sonic's latest 3D adventure game, which has done well. A project like HYENAS may have just been viewed as something that would likely get lost in the shuffle of today's crowded field of asymmetrical and team-based shooters to realistically garner an audience for another one. As for the other unannounced games, time will tell before those are revealed.   

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