Billy Mitchell, the "King Of Kong", has finally been caught cheating. In the documentary King of Kong, he was kind of a "bad guy". He would never meet up for a high score challenge in person, and was kind of a dick. 

But I say he won. 

He lived his life as a champion during a time where high scores WERE gaming, and arcades were dominating the U.S. He was going everywhere, meeting tons of people, and basically living life as a rock star. People respected his bad attitude, long hair, and business attire. He MADE us believe he was the real deal. 

And guess what? Until now he was. And as for the future? WHO CARES?

The retro arcade high score record scene is diminishing. Nowadays, it's all about speedruns. So the "next in line" for the Kong record is irrelevant. 

He cheated at the exact right time and nobody can take the life he had away. He IS the King of Kong because he was the only one that will ever be able to live the life of a Donkey Kong champion. The fame and glory that comes with being an arcade high score holder will never exist again. 

And c'mon, he's over 50 years old. Even if those kind of perks still came with the high score, it's not like he'd really be living it up.

So, kudos Mr. Mitchell! You took a life that you wanted, lived it, lost it, and are STILL the only arcade record holder that people will ever remember. 

Got an opinion? Share it. We'll be talking more about this on Monday. 

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