The Next Labo Kit Is The Best Yet

Nintendo Labo is the cardboard craze that lets you build peripherals for your Switch. So far, you can build a robot suit, or a number of little contraptions like a remote control, piano, and fishing pole depending on the kit you buy. 

And now, Nintendo has upped their game and is releasing a new Labo Kit. Vehicles. 

I gotta say, this looks so fun. It also seems to be "going somewhere". Sure, we've seen the vehicle transitions in Mario Kart 8, going from car to plane to boat, but adding these physical items could make that experience even more fun. 

And just think of what could come of this. Playing other games with Labo kits would be a nice twist, and making Labo kits for "other" games would also be welcome. 

The Toy-Con 3: Vehicle Kit will be available September 14th. 

Can we please have a Toy-Con "Light Gun" with a Duck Hunt 2?  Please and thank you.

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