Woman Arrested For Smuggling Over $9,500 Worth Of Nintendo Switch Game Carts In Her Bra

Chinese customs noted “look and attitude were not innocent.”

A Chinese woman arriving from mainland China from Hong Kong was pulled aside by authorities at the Liantang Port in Shenzhen by the authorities for suspicious behavior. Notably, her top was unusually  busty When accosted by customs, they discovered she was carrying 350 Nintendo Switch cards stuffed in her bra. 

The initial estimated value of the attempted smuggled goods sits around 70,000 yuan ($9,660). As noted by Tom's Hardware, taking goods in and out of China without paying the appropriate taxes is considered smuggling and illegal. Depending on if Nintendo goods are considered prohibited or restricted, the punishment for the offender could be subject to fines of  “not more than three times the amount of duties payable but evaded.”

Quite a fascinating decision. Even though Switch carts are small, to pack over 300 in a brazzer, much less just on your person, takes some commitment. 

SOURCE: Tom's Hardware

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