Athletes Can Opt In To Be On the Roster For EA Sports College Football 25

EA Sports' college gridiron video game will make its return this summer for the first time since NCAA Football 2014 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. With its return, the over 11,000 collegiate players will have an opportunity to have their likeness represented in the game. Based on reporting from ESPN, up to 85 players per school will initially appear on the game's rosters.

For all athletes who choose to opt in, along with their names and likeness represented, players will make $600 annually, along with a copy of the $70 game. They'll remain in the game throughout their college careers, continuing to receive payment. Transferring players will be compensated for as long as they're on the roster. If a player chooses to not be in the game, a generic avatar would be created in their stead, with its variables and stats based on the strengths and weaknesses of said school's history.

According to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, the College Football Players Association advocated for the players to boycott this deal back in June 2023, citing the amount of remuneration to be way too low. 

"So EA realizes it has to pay something for player names, images, and likenesses. And EA is hoping to pay as little as possible", Florio states. "Really, what’s $600? EA is banking on players viewing it as free money, without realizing how badly EA needs enough of them to accept the payment for the game to be viable.

EA has already announced that the game is coming. It will be very hard to pull the plug now."

Electronic Arts does not share hard numbers when it comes to the sales figures regarding the Madden series, but reports back in September from indicate they were quite pleased with the 36% increase in digital launch sales, compared to Madden 2023. On top of having a stranglehold on the production of NFL related video games since 2005, they ended 2023 grossing $7.6 billion dollars in revenue. Suffice to say, offering payment with the value of a PlayStation 5 console bundle and a meal for two at Red Lobster is small doesn't sound like it has the best interests of the young athletes and their futures in mind. 

SOURCES: ESPN, Pro Football Talk, Sports Business Journal

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