Call Of Duty: Warzone Adding Die-Hard's Nakatomi Plaza In New Update

Warzone is about to get a heaping spoonful of 80's action heroes in its newest upcoming Season 3 Reloaded update. In the new update patch, which includes some other perks, Activision will be including the familiar and iconic Nakatomi Plaza from the movie Die-Hard, as well as action heros skins of John McClane and John Rambo.

Only five floors of the Plaza will be accessible, so it's not like players will have carte blanche to the entire building. The Survival camps, as well as The Verdansk map will be altered to celebrate the Die-Hard and First Blood movies, but the star of this update will be the Nakatomi Plaza. The rooftop of Nakatomi will have the optional mission to diffuse the C4 and "interrupt and arms deal gone wrong. Activision also states that of you and you squad is lucky enough, you "may even be able to do what no international criminal has been able to pull off before: successfully crack the Nakatomi Plaza vault and escape with its riches. But be forewarned that you won’t be the only Operators looking for the keys to the vault..."

As of yet, there hasn't been any announcements that new exclusive missions will be added, so for the time being, the new altered maps and Nakatomi Plaza take center stage for this event. The content will go live May 19th at 9pm PT, following updates to Black Ops Cold War on May 18th on 9pm PT.

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