REPORT: New Timesplitters Sequel Announced by Deep Silver

It's been more than 14 years since fans have seen a new entry in the Timesplitters series. Its rights juggled around quite a bit throughout the 200's from developers Free Radical lending publishing rights to Eidos Interactive, to Electronic Arts leading publishing Future Perfect, which came out for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, and the Xbox in 2005. It's been radio silence ever since.

Deep Silver made the announcement that they are working on a brand new Timesplitters game, bringing back the Free Radical team to head development.

"You asked and we listened. We have been working on plans to bring the Timesplitters franchise back to life and we are pleased to let you know that we are setting up a new Deep Silver development studio to do just that. Free Radical Design is reforming and will be headed up by industry and Timesplitters veterans Steve Ellis and David Doak. This is an exciting first step in the process. Development on a new game has not yet started and we will update you when we have more news to share.

Timesplitters has been revered by the gaming community as being one of the most influential and progressive first person shooters, it often received comparisons to GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark. Many believed that it emulated and perfected the aiming mechanics of the former, regarded as one of the most entertaining multiplayer experiences during the life of the Nintendo 64, implemented and made better. David Doak was the development team with RARE for production of GoldenEye 007. Steve Ellis worked with THQNordic, who is now known as Embracer Group, to help map the future of the TimeSplitters franchise.

“To finally be able to confirm that the studio has been formed and that we have a plan for the next TimeSplitters game is incredible,” Ellis, Free Radical’s studio development director, said in a statement. “While we cannot tell you anything more at the moment, we look forward to sharing information in the future.”

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