Capcom Posts Nearly $1 Billion In Sales And Achieves Seventh Consecutive Year Of Net Profits

While the state of mainstream gaming teeters further into untrustworthy territory with the populace, Capcom has been fairly consistent in recent times. From a pillar of the arcades, to a household staple on home consoles throughout the 90's, to some financial struggles in the 2000's, the Resident Evil maker has seen strong consecutive financial years, according to their recent financial report press release. After finishing the fiscal year of 2023 ending in March 2024, the publisher/producer netted $979 million dollars, their highest profits.

This is a year-over-year 21% increase, with operating income ($366 million) being up 12% from last year. Capcom's software sales peaked with 45.8 million units being moved. This is across strong releases in 2023 like Street Fighter 6 selling 3.3 million copies, Dragon's Dogma II moving 2.6 million, and the remake of Resident Evil 4 pulling in 7 million. Capcom's existing software also continues to be strong financial revenues, as the expansions of both Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (2.8 million) and Monster Hunter World Iceborne (2.2 million) remain profitable. 

The shift to their own dedicated RE Engine has been a welcome change in Capcom's direction, as it has breathed new life in their established franchises, as well as allowing them to experiment with ideas like Exoprimal and Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess. With the brand's heavy-hitters keeping Capcom health and anthologies like the Capcom Fighting Collection and Mega Man anthology bundles, A blend of the old and the new has put Capcom back into consumer confidence. 

Resident Evil 9, Pragmata, and Monster Hunter Wilds are also on the way in the future, and Akuma is set to make his long-awaited return to Street Fighter 6 on May 22nd.


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