Capcom Wraps Up Its Final Seasonal Content For Exoprimal A Year After Its Launch

Online play and endgame content will remain available for players

Released last year, Exoprimal was quite an unique spin from Capcom; a player-vs-player multiplayer game with PvE elements that also blended a single player narrative within its gameplay. Critically, it received fairly mixed reviews, and even though its active player count diminished rapidly, its sales were fairly solid, nearly hitting a million sales, as of September 2023.

It appears that the online shooter is wrapping up, as Capcom has announced that all of Exoprimal's seasonal content is finished. In an official statement, once Season 4 comes to an end on July 11th, its seasons will restart from the beginning. Online services will remain available.

After Season 4, which concludes on July 11th, Season 1 will return. From there, a new season will begin on the first of each month. In addition, Season Passes 1-3 will be available for sale again. This will allow players to obtain items from all seasons.

All gameplay modes will remain available to play. This includes the main Dino Survival mode, as well as endgame content such as Savage Gauntlet and Time Loop Rebellion.
If you're playing alone or match with only a few other players, Bots (AI-controlled Exofighters) will still be added so that you can fully enjoy the Hammerheads' story and reach the ending.

The Exoprimal team appreciates your interest and support, and we hope to see you in the wargame!

Perhaps the most bizarre thing about Exoprimal, from my perspective, it marketed itself as a live service game, but wasn't really one, and this may have perplexed those who shown interest in it. At the very least, it's good that the entire game itself isn't being decommissioned. Exoprimal felt like an experiment for Capcom regarding crossplay stability, which ran fairly well.

This online infrastructure build may be used for the upcoming Monster Hunter Wilds. With the company being as successful as they have in recent years, seeing the team try new intellectual properties like this is refreshing. 

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