President Of Nintendo Shuntaro Furukawa States Nintendo's 'Decades of Know-how' Puts Aside Reliance On A.I.

"...We will work to continue delivering value that is unique to Nintendo and cannot be created by technology alone"

The practice of generative A.I. and its role in the lives of everyday people continues to become a rising and controversial topic. It certainly has some benefits in the world of creation. The ability to generate literature music, speech, and imagery is a breakthrough, but ownership and rights remains very opaque in the grand scheme of the ethics involved; can this govern itself? Generative A.I. can be a rather complex topic when it comes to video games. Nintendo is one of the first major company to deliver a take on the growing use of the technology.

In a recent General Meeting of Shareholders, Nintendo's president Shuntaro Furukawa was asked about their initiatives regarding the growing use of A.I., and his stance was a fairly reasonable one;

In the game industry, AI-like technologies have long been used — for example, to control the movements of opponent characters — so I believe that game development and AI technology have always had a close relationship. Generative AI, which is becoming a big topic recently, can be used in creative ways, but we recognize that it may also raise issues with intellectual property

We have decades of know-how in creating the best gaming experiences for our players. While we are open to utilizing technological developments, we will work to continue delivering value that is unique to Nintendo and cannot be created by technology alone.

Nintendo has nearly fifty years of game development under their belts, and the strong lineup of intellectual properties is a testament to their ability to craft unique experiences gamers have loved for decades. So while they didn't necessarily endorse it, they also didn't denounce it either. And as Furukawa stated, generative A.I. is a key for a handful of modern video games, such as Diablo, No Man's Sky, and Hades.

With Nintendo's new console expected to be revealed at some point, the brand with certainly keep options open on what it means to make their exclusive games immersive experiences. A company that has the history they do, they are also very rigid, even in times of change. A.I. can be used to spot bugs and detect flaws, but the human element is something that can't be replaced.

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