F-Zero 99 Launches On The Nintendo Switch TODAY

The F-Zero series gets a breath of fresh air...sort of. Nintendo's exclusive high speed racer franchise, which has been dormant for quite a long time, sees new life on the Nintendo Switch Online Service. Very similar to the Tetris and the now-defunct Pac-Man multiplayers, F-Zero 99 is a battle royale which pits you against 98 other racers to reach the finish line.

It's based on the original Super Nintendo launch title from 1991, with some tweaks to ingratiate the mutliplayer feature. Use the Spin Attack to defend yourself from others, while collecting speed boosts to stay ahead. F-Zero 99 also has Mini Prix and Grand Prix Modes, which challenge you to compete in a series of races to proceed. Customize your machines with decals and colors. Completing races and meeting achievements will unlock more customizable features and backdrops.    

Thus far, the community seems to be rather split. F-Zero 99 is likely the monkey's paw of announcements for the franchise, as there is a portion of fans who wanted a new F-Zero game for a long time. With the latest game being an online subscription exclusive (meaning it could easily go the way of Pac-Man 99) and not an original follow-up or reboot could be devastating. I suppose on the plus side, if the feedback is positive enough, it might entice Nintendo to revisit it in a more earnest manner. I wouldn't hold my breath for that. With Mario Kart 8 Deluxe enjoying a decade-plus run and F-Zero being a fairly niche title, that's a Hail Mary of a wish.

F-Zero 99 can be played NOW on the Nintendo Switch. Requires a Nintendo Switch Online Service subscription for access.  

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