Free Games For March 2023: Nintendo Switch Online NES, SNES & Game Boy Updates

Midway through March, and Nintendo is offering more updates to the Switch Online Service and its retro platforms. These four games are available now to play. For the NES, Namco's classic vertical arcade space shooter, Xevious. For the Super Nintendo, the 16-bit enhanced version of Data East's pocket billiards simulator, Side Pocket. And coming to the Game Boy library, the frantic maze puzzle arcade classic BurgerTime Deluxe, and HAL Laboratories' little pink platforming mascot, Kirby's Dream Land 2

Access to these games requires a membership to Nintendo Switch Online Service.

XEVIOUS (Nintendo Entertainment System) - Control the Solvalou Fighter and destroy the Xevious forces! Fire the Zapper missiles against air-based enemies and drop the Blaster bombs down upon ground-based targets. Unique enemies, interesting background music, a variety of vertically scrolling background environments, and many hidden gameplay features differentiated Xevious from the other shooting games released at the time.

SIDE POCKET (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) - Use every trick shot up your sleeve and become top pool shark! This billiards game contains two modes. First, there's Nine Ball Game, where you try to get nine balls into the pockets while, with each shot, hitting the lowest numbered ball on the table before any other. Second, there's Pocket Game, where the goal is to knock each ball into a pocket. For a real challenge, try out Trick Game to take your best shot in table setups that could stump even seasoned pros.

BURGERTIME (Game Boy) - Give Chef Peter Pepper a helping hand to create the ultimate hamburger. But watch out! Renegade ingredients will stop at nothing to put an end to your cooking days. Dodge them, stun them using pepper, or drop a hamburger ingredient on top of them to stop their chase. It's a nonstop food fight in this classic arcade game.

Kirby's Dream Land 2 (Game Boy) - The Rainbow Bridges that connect the seven Rainbow Islands have disappeared! Help Kirby solve the mystery. Search through the different islands while battling King Dedede and his horde of minions. Earn the mysterious Rainbow Sword and prepare to face Kirby's most menacing rival ever—the evil Dark Matter!

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