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The Nintendo Switch catalog continues to expand as the summer rolls on. The Nintendo Entertainment System library will see SEVEN additions added for subscribers. From Rare, the multidirectional shooter Solar Jetman and the racing/action shooter Cobra Triangle. From SunSoft, the quest-based dungeon crawler The Mystery of Atlantis. And wrapping it up, a line of NES black box classics, Mach Rider, Urban Champion, Donkey Kong Junior Math, and Golf.

All games are available to play NOW (requires a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online)

Cobra Triangle 

Jet through 25 levels and accomplish various tasks to proceed in your offensive equipped speedboat. Complete missions like rescuing swimmers, deactivating bombs, and winning races, while tackling the occasional boss fight. Along with powering up your weapons, avoid hitting the riverbank and in-water hazards like logs that may slow down your progress. Original release date: July 1, 1989

Solar Jetman

In this sequel to Lunar Jetman, gather all the pieces of the Golden Warship by taking advantage of inertia to propel yourself across the planet. Use drag physics to adjust to the changing gravity as the challenge gets tougher. Original release date: October 14, 1990


One of the original NES/Famicom launch games. Play through 18 holes against a CPU in Match Play or Stroke Play. Original release date: May 1st, 1984

The Mystery of Atlantis

Originally released exclusively for the Famicom. Play as Wynn, an amatuer adventurer who travels to the same island his master disappeared from. Armed with Dynamite, Wynn must traverse the perilous Atlantis to uncover its secrets and learn the fate of his mentor. Original release date: April 17th, 1986 

Donkey Kong Jr. Math

An Edutainment game, the mechanics are borrowed straight from the original Donkey Kong Junior game. When Donkey Kong holds up a number, you must collect the numbers to reach that sum. Through the +−×÷ Exercise, solve math puzzles by climbing vinas and competing the chains in the correct order for the equation. Original release date: December 12, 1983

Mach Rider

Developed by Hal Laboratory. In this racer/shooter, destroy alien enemies known as Quadrunners in your path and search for survivors in the year 2112. Use gear shifts to accelerate and decelerate appropriately, while navigating obstacles on the road. Mach Rider also has several modes, Fight Course (the game's main story), Endurance Course (reach certain kilometers in a fixed amount of time), and Design Mode (similar to Excitebike, a course creation feature). Original release date: August 27th, 1985

Urban Champion

One of the earliest efforts of a one-on-one fighting game on console. Use your light and heavy attacks to knock your opponent into the manholes in order to win. Each attack costs one stamina. Environmental hazards like flower pots are dropped out of windows that can deal damage to either fighter. The goal of the game? To reach the rank of Champion, of course. Some early influence for what would become Super Smash Bros can be seen within Urban Champion's design. Original release date: November 14th, 1984 

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