So immediately after I started the 15 minute Injustice 2 gameplay video I noticed something. A character silhouette that caught my eye. Do you see it?

This one.  

Perhaps I noticed it because it's the same pose as one of my MKX main characters. 

Still need proof? I got you covered. 

Now, IF what I'm predicting is true, HOLY CRAP! This would be a fantastic cameo and one that could lead to the sequels of Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat XL being MK vs DCU 2. Unlike Scorpion, Kitana couldn't just be thrown into the game with no real "reason". And with her being a pivotal part of the MK universe, I could see a sort of invasion happening which could lead to the said sequel.

Wishful thinking? Possibly. However if you're an avid fan of the podcast, you already know that I'm pretty good at predicting what Boon and co. are going to wow us with.

What do you think? Am I jumping the gun on this? Do I make any sense at all? Is there an MKX character that you'd like to see crossover?
Leave a comment and listen to the upcoming podcast. We'll discuss and maybe bring up YOUR ideas.

Love you all!


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