King Of Fighters XV DLC Trailer | Hinako Shijo Gameplay Reveal

Dropping the trailer hours earlier, fans can look forward to Hinako Shijo joining the King of Fighters XV roster next week. that's much sooner than many had speculated. With KOF XV's Season 2 content rolling forward, this is the first look at the high school female sumo wrestler's gameplay and story interactions with the existing roster. 

A rushdown character with dangerous grappling mix-ups in the past, Hinako returns with some punishing command grabs and corner pressure. The projectile meta in XV is fairly strong, she appears to have attacks, focused on closing the gap between her and zoning fighters. It's been a long time, as this will be Hinako's first appearance as a King of Fighters combatant since KOF 2002: Unlimited Match.

Hinako joins previous Season 2 DLC characters Shingo Yabuki, Kim Kaphwan, Duo Lon, Sylvie Paula Paula, Goenitz (a free character) and Najd.

King of Fighters XV is currently available for the PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Windows, Steam, and The Epic Games Store.

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