Lawsuit Outta Nowhere!! Randy Orton's Tattoo Artist Sues 2k

Ladder!  Lawsuit!  Artist Catherine Alexander is suing Take-Two Interactive Software; 2K Games, Inc.; 2K Sports, Inc.; Visual Concepts Entertainment; Yuke's Co, Ltd. and Yuke's LA Inc. for what she feels is infringement on her copyrighted work.  Her lawsuit says that the use of her tattoos is copyright infringement.  She has previously contacted World Wrestling Entertainment about their use of Orton's likeness and his tattoos.  They offered her 450$ for the right to use the designs in 2009.  She declined the offer.  It's unclear the damages she is seeking.


Pictured: Randy Orton.  Photo Credit:  World Wrestling Entertainment


The case does have a precedent.  Solid Oak Sketches LLC v. Visual Concepts LLC is currently happening in New York.  Solid Oak sketches claims the rights to several NBA athletes, including LeBron James.  We will keep you updated on how these cases unfold.

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