Monster Hunter Wilds Will Support Crossplay On All Platforms

Capcom's critically acclaimed beast slaying action role-playing series Monster Hunter has revealed its second trailer during Summer Game Fest. Following Monster Rise, Capcom plans to make this the biggest game in the series, with a more immersive story.

Among the promising aspects for it, Wilds will support cross-platform play across the Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC (Steam). Save data bonuses from Monster Hunter World and the Iceborne expansion**, but cross-progression appears to not be viable.  

There are some notable bits of information revealed during the second trailer. Hunter now travels with a Seikret, a raptor-like bird that serves a similar purpose as the Palamute companion. You can also wield two weapons, which can be switched between during play, while riding the Seikret. Environmental hazards like harsh deserts with deadly sandstorms and brutal thunderstorms have been added.  

Monster Hunter Wilds is planned for a 2025 release.

*Monster Hunter World Save Data Bonus - The save data on your system must be from a data file that has completed hunter and Palico character creation.

*Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Save Data Bonus - The save data on your system must be from a Monster Hunter World: Iceborne data file that has progressed at least up to the following point: Complete the ending of Monster Hunter: World, talk to the character named "Feisty Fiver" near the entrance of Astera, and afterwards travel to and arrive in the Ancient Forest.

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