Fatal Fury Stars Terry Bogard And Mai Shiranui Join The Street Fighter 6 Roster With M. Bison And Elena

Revealed during Summer Game Fest, Street Fighter 6's second season roadmap launches with a considerable surprise. Along with the return of the series' former antagonist M. Bison and the tribal princess Elena, Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui make their appearances as Street Fighter's first third party crossover roster combatants. This will be the first time guest spots will be filled by another third party company in a Street Fighter game, depending on how one considers the Arika personalities in the joint developed Street Fighter EX line of games.

M. Bison will be the first addition, joining the roster this summer. Defeated and presumed dead following the Shadow Falls story arc of Street Fighter V, Bison now wanders the back streets of Metro City as an amnesiac with a lust for power and guided by his violent energy. His trailer was revealed the same evening.

Skilled in the art of Capoeira, Elena was one of the New Generation fighters introduced in Street Fighter 3. She was also playable in the Street Fighter 4 line of games, and was considered quite a divisive character in the tournament scene, due to her ability to heal herself. 

Speaking of Arika, with SNK's recent partnership with the Fighting EX Layer producers creates a connection between Capcom and SNK, one that hasn't been prominent since the Capcom Vs SNK crossover series of games from 1999 beginning with Card Fighters Clash and Match of the Millennium, ending with Card Fighters DS in 2006. SNK also has the return of Fatal Fury, as City of Wolves launches next year, so this serves as good promotional material for a fighting game series that was once viewed as a pillar of the genre in the 90's. Terry Bogard, the spokesperson for SNK, has crossed over in the aforementioned Fighting EX Layer and Smash Brothers Ultimate. 

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