Ni No Kuni Developer Level-5 To Host 'Vision' This Month To Reveal Release Dates For 'Several Titles'

Studio Level-5, known mostly to international video game fans for their work on critically acclaimed franchises like the Professor Layton series and Yokai Watch, has plans to host a showcase of their own in November. Level-5 Vision 2023 II will take place towards the end of the month with the plans to give release dates for several of their upcoming games. 

One of Level-5's projects, the adventure RPG Fantasy Life i: The Girl Who Steals Time, has already been announced to have its launch pushed back to 2024, but a confirmed release date is likely revealed during the event, November 29th at 9pm(JST), 7am(EST). It's expected to be released for the Nintendo Switch. 

During the show, we will be sharing the release dates for several titles such as "INAZUMA ELEVEN: Victory Road" and "FANTASY LIFE i: The Girl Who Steals Time," along with heaps of new information.
Please check here for further details and updates regarding this event.

A question fans wonder, how many of their projects will receive international releases? The studio has shown a renewed interest in returning to global expansion and exposure with more of their properties. Along with Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road (PS5, PS4, and Switch) and Fantasy Life, there's also anticipation for news regarding the mecha battler Megaton Musashi: Wired (PS5, PS4, Switch, and Windows), which is still in development. Level-5 also has their detective-themed paranormal RPG Decapolice (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch). As of this writing, it's still planned for a 2023 street date. 

The studio has a plethora of projects in the works for the coming months. Which games are you looking forward to seeing? 

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