No Man’s Sky Is Finally Getting Complete Multiplayer

No Man’s Sky was released on August 9, 2016 from Hello Games and at the time I was blown away. Every trailer and video was like Christmas morning to me. I said to myself that this game was the future of gaming. I bought it day 1, was so excited to play it. Once I got home, I loaded the game and began to play. The game itself was beautiful, I started traveling to different planets and universes and giving them names like “Game Fix”, “Spanish”, “Verlane”, “Link”, and even “Embrace The Glitch”, it was incredible. About an hour into playing I started to see if I could join some friends so they could visit my planets and so I could visit theirs. I quickly realized there wasn’t an option for multiplayer in anyway. I got frustrated, even Bruce B got the game and figured out the same thing. Frustration quickly turned into resentment, if you could resent a game, that is. Either way, the longer I played the game the more I got bored. Hell, I was lonely out there in the middle of the universe talking to nobody but NPCs.

Recently they implemented a form of multiplayer but for those that tried it out found out quickly that it still wasn’t the multiplayer that we were hoping for.

So fast forward to today, almost 2 years later, they are finally adding the multiplayer that we, that I, dreamt about. In their press release today this it what part of it read.

  • Explore the infinite universe with your friends, or bump into random travellers
  • As you voyage together, friends will help you stay alive, or prey on others to survive
  • Build bases from tiny shelters to complex colonies that you create as a team and can be seen by the community
  • Be a pirate or a wingman in epic space battles with friends and foes
  • Race exocraft across weird alien terrains and create tracks to share online

Ok, epic space battles, build shelters and complex colonies, be a space pirate(Mark Watney, for those who have seen The Martian) sounds f**king incredible. Here’s the thing, since I put the game down I have probably played over 50 new games. Is it too little too late? I will definitely try it out again but I don’t have the Christmas morning feeling anymore. It will be hard to go back to it for me, will go back? Or maybe you never purchased it in the first place, will you buy it now?

Either way, don’t stop trying out new games and try to keep an open mind.

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