We got our first Nintendo Direct of the new year, and this one was focused entirely on the Pokemon franchise. So let's dive into it. 

First off we are getting an HD remake of one of the classic Pokemon spin off titles: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX. Originally released 15 years ago for the GBA and Nintendo DS this spin off title focuses entirely on the Pokemon them self in this dungeon crawling adventure game. There is a demo currently live right now on the Nintendo eShop and yes, your save data will transfer over when the game actually comes out on March 6th of this year. 

Game Freak is doing something a little different with Sword and Shield. Usually Game Freak will release a third or even forth edition of their main line Pokemon title. For example, for the first generation of games we had Red and Blue. Then they released Yellow, which was basically the first 2 games, with a little extra tossed in. 

They are now doing away with that, since it was a pain anyway and most fans hated it. Instead, they will be releasing expansion passes. There will be two different passes depending on which version of the game you play. Those passes will feature different trainers and Pokemon for their version of the game.  

There is going to be 2 total passes released (for now) titled "Isle of Armor" and "The Crown of Tundra". You can get both passes for $29.99 with the first one being released this June and the second being released "some time in the fall of this year".

Both passes are going to feature new trainers, new legendary's, and a ton of new cosmetics. Oh! There is also going to be new regions to explore and the return of some classic Pokemon. More than 200 species, both new and returning, will be added to the new regions. There is even going to be old legendary's returning - like Mewtwo. They will even be trade-able to the existing game even if you don't own the expansion passes. 

This is actually amazing news Pokemon fans. 

You can watch the entire direct below. 

And as always, this is James with Game Fix. Game on everybody! 

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