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Oct. 16th Is Free RPG Day

Have you always been interested in board gaming or tabletop RPGs but never wanted to purchase anything for fear of not enjoying it? 

Then this is for you. Saturday, October 16th is Free RPG Day. 

This annual event encourages people to go to their local gaming and hobby stores to pick up free RPG content like quickstart rules, new campaigns, and even dice. 

All this is made entirely free for you, thanks to a community and industry-driven campaign to expand and…


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Some New Overwatch 2 Info

Last night was the 2021 Overwatch League Grand Finals which saw the Shanghai Dragons sweep the Atlanta Reign to win. Shanghai claims $1.5 million in prize money and will have a legendary skin created in honor of their victory. 

This victory is double fine for the Shanghai team considering the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. They broke the record for the most losses in a single season and ended up finishing the season 0-40.

While Shanghai was getting…


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Midnight Sons

After what seemed like years of speculation. We finally have confirmation on the newest 2K Games project. Marvel's Midnight Suns is being developed by Firaxis, the same team that brought us the XCOM series of tactical turn-based RPG games. 

Marvel's Midnight Suns is going to be a tactical strategy RPG that brings our heroes…


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Hasbro & Nintendo Team-Up For Another Board Game

Nintendo is at it again! A few years ago Nintendo teamed up with Hasbro to release Monopoly Gamer: Super Mario Bros and then again with Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart.

Well, the team-ups are continuing, but not with Monopoly. This time it's tackling The Game of Life

The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition…


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Everything Announced During EA Play

EA, the company that everybody hates, but still makes billions of dollars every single year. 

They did a thing today, it was short, and kind of pointless. But EA gets points for trying! 

I am going to break down everything that was announced during EA's Play Live event. 



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The First Real Look At Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Zero Dawn was a generational defining game for the PS4. Released in 2017, the game was such a success that it racked up awards faster than Billie Eilish. The stand out was its archy-based combat system. Nothing as deep, or as rewarding, has ever been done quite like this before.  

When the sequel was announced last year, a lot…


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Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Special

The long-running jRPG series is celebrating its 35th anniversary in style. 

This Thursday, Dragon Quest celebrates its 35th Anniversary. As you may know, we have a special 35th Anniversary Broadcast scheduled for then. In gratitude for all your support so far, we’ll have plenty to announce. And of course, we’ll have more on that game as well……

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Massive Overwatch 2 News

We finally got some new information regarding Overwatch 2. In a 2-hour PvP live stream, the new game director Aaron Keller along with Goeff Goodman (lead hero designer) and Dion Rogers (associate art director) is talking to Matt Morelle AKA MrX (OWL commentator) about what we can expect from Overwatch 2. There is a lot of info to break down and I am…


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Nintendo Direct 2/17/21

It has been 2 years since the last Nintendo Direct. We have had smaller directs that focused on individual games, but never a company wide direct. 

What did Nintendo bring after this long wait? Let's dive in while I show case the most exciting! 

New Smash Character 

The newest…


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My Dream Has Come True

I am a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, in fact. One of my first articles on this site was about Kingdom Hearts. May 11th of 2017 was the first ever post I did for Game Fix. It was my love of Kingdom Hearts. 

While Kingdom Hearts 3 disappointed…


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Set Your Clocks. It's Almost Time For Blizzcon 2021

It's almost time for Blizzcon Online! 

Blizzard's entirely all-digital community celebration and exhibition will start Friday February 19th at 5 PM Eastern, with an opening segment that will showcase some of the latest games that Blizzard has been working on. Expect to see - but have not been confirmed just yet - news on Overwatch 2,…


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We May Just Be Getting A Diablo 2 Remaster

This rumor has been going around for years now. I have been covering Blizzcon for Game Fix for about 4 years now, and every single year I reported on the "Diablo 2 Remaster leak". Every single year Blizzcon comes and goes with no mention of this. 

This year could be different though.



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Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Scott Pilgrim VS. the World: The Game Complete Edition has been released today! So go and download it right not! 

This game is a love letter to 90's beat'em ups like Final Fight, Streets of Rage, and even River City Ransom. 

Just like those games of yesteryear, this game is tough. It surrounds you with enemies who will beat the crap out…


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Last Epoch: Best Diablo Clone You Have Never Heard Of.

The Forefather

There have been a lot of Action RPG games released, but the pinnacle of this genre was Diablo 2

Diablo 2 is arguably one of the best isometric Action RPG games ever created.…


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Possible Nintendo Direct This Month

Another month, another possible "Nintendo Direct" leak. This one comes from Reddit and was deleted within minutes of being posted.  

This memo style document (which even claims to be for "internal use only" states that there will be a Nintendo Direct on the 11th of this month. There is going to be a lot of titles announced - many dream titles -…


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Huge WB\HBO Announcement

Warner Bros. Pictures Group just made a huge announcement regarding their 2021 film line up. 

The entirety of their 2021 movie line up, will stream exclusively to HBO Max for one month. The best part? It's at no extra cost.

The line up will still get a theatrical release. For those who don't or can't go to the theater, will be able to…


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Recap Of The AEW Games Event

Last night, after much delay, we got news on 3 different AEW games that will be releasing with two of them being mobile games. I am going to quickly cover those games now. 

AEW Casino Double or Nothing

Being developed by KamaGames, Casino Double or Nothing is going to be a..…


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Three AEW Games Are Set To Be Announced *updated*

Update: The three leaked games have been confirmed. No release date given on the console title or the AEW: Elite General Manager game, but the Casino Double or Nothing title will be released this winter. 

Also please note, that the General Manager and the Casino Double or Nothing titles are both mobile games. 

It was also confirmed that Yuke's Co. will be working on the console title. The console title will be a "WWF No Mercy" style…


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This weekend would have been Blizzcon 2020, but with the COVID-19 pandemic still in full swing, all conventions have been cancelled for the year - including Blizzcon 2020. 

Have no fear though! We will be getting a Blizzcon event, we will just have to wait until February for it. February 19th to be exact. 

We will be getting everything…


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Assassin's Creed X Netflix

Coming off the the great "The Witcher" adaption, Netflix has decided to take their chance with another property.


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