REPORT: Capcom's 'Big Game' Announcement Won't Include Any New Resident Evil Remakes In 2024

Publisher/developer Capcom has enjoyed quite the resurgence in recent years. With worldwide acclaim of games like Monster Hunter, the strong sales of Street Fighter 6 released earlier this year, and the high quality that their own built RE Engine adds to their games, it's a pretty good time to be a Capcom fan. Even Exoprimal has been a fun experiment. 

Several weeks ago, Capcom spoke about a new project that is ensured to be a major announcement by the end of the fiscal year. Given the success and acceptance of the Resident Evil remakes, fans have speculated that the developer may immediately jump to Code Veronica, originally released as a Sega Dreamcast exclusive in 2000. According to a report from, Capcom leaker Dusk Golem refuted the rumors of a Resident Evil 5 or Code Veronica remake being in the plans.  

The fiscal year wraps up on March 24th 2024, so that's unlikely to have that being a new Monster Hunter game, with its 20th anniversary landing in the same month. Capcom has plans during The Video Game Awards to make a big reveal. It could possibly be the official release date for the single player action RPG Dragon's Dogma II, which was already leaked on Europe's PEGI rating system site as March 22nd 2024. The listing has been removed, but that's pretty close to a confirmation date.

There could always be a new Mega Man game. Mega Man 11 was released in October of 2018, and was the highest selling entry in the series (over 1.10 million units sold). The Blue Bomber has always been popular, and Mega Man has widely been regarded as Capcom's mascot or spokesperson. The series, commercially speaking doesn't quite move the numbers that Resident Evil does, but anything is possible.

SOURCES: NintendoLife, WCCftech 

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