Developer Bloober Team States Silent Hill 2 Remake Is It's Progressing Smoothly, Asks Fans For 'Patience'

Konami has invested greatly in two of the publisher/developer's biggest intellectual properties, Metal Gear and Silent Hill. Regarding the latter, the Silent Hill 2 Remake was revealed during the SILENT HILL Transmission Presentation back in October 2022, with development being handled by Polish studio Bloober Team, a decision that has led to split feelings among the gaming community and Silent Hill fans.

It's been a little more than a calendar year since the announcement, and there hasn't been a great deal of news from Konami or Bloober Team about the state of the game. Last night, however, the studio posted an update from their Twitter/X account that Silent Hill 2 Remake is "progressing smoothly".

"As Bloober Team, we are proud to be a part of Konami's plans for the Silent Hill franchise," it wrote. "Alongside our partner, we are diligently working to ensure the Silent Hill 2 remake attains the highest quality. On behalf of our development team, we would like to clarify that the production is progressing smoothly and in accordance with our development schedule.

We understand that players around the world are eagerly anticipating news about the game, and we appreciate your dedication. However, we kindly ask for a bit more patience. Once Konami, as the game's publisher, shares more information, we are confident the wait will be worthwhile."

Bloober Team is a studio that prides itself on puzzle-based horror games, with their work on The Blair Witch Project, The Medium, and the Layers of Fear series. They have taken noted inspiration from the Silent Hill series, it will be proven if their work on the Remake can be done justice. It doesn't currently have a release date as of this writing, so nothing in the way of delays.

The SIlent Hill 2 Remake will be released on the PlayStation 5 as a timed exclusive and for Microsoft Windows.   

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