REPORT: Golden Axe Animated Series Greenlit By Comedy Central

Video game adaptations remain a bountiful commodity. Showrunners are now giving the go-ahead to Sega's beloved classic side scrolling fantasy beat'em up getting an animated show. The news comes by way of Variety, as they learned Comedy Central will be the home of an animated adaptation of the 1989 arcade/Sega Genesis brawler Golden Axe. Ten episodes have been ordered, based on the report.

The show's official description states, "...veteran warriors Ax Battler (McIntyre), Tyris Flare (Gilroy), and Gilius Thunderhead (Rhys) as they once again battle to save Yuria from the evil giant Death Adder who just won’t seem to stay dead. Fortunately, this time they have the inexperienced and underprepared Hampton Squib (Pudi) on their side.” 

Co-creators Mike McMahan (Solar Opposites, Rick and Morty, and Star Trek: Lower Decks) will co-write the first episode and will serve as executive producer for the series, with Joe Chandler (American Dad!) will head the project as the show runner. The voice actors confirmed on board confirmed:

Liam McIntyre - Ax Battler

Lisa Gilroy - Tyris Flare

Matthew Rhys - Gilius Thunderhead

Other voice talents include Carl Tart and Danny Pudi, in roles to be confirmed. The Golden Axe video games were created in 1989 by Makoto Uchida (Altered Beast). It saw several sequels (Golden Axe II in 1991 and Golden Axe III in 1993 for the Mega Drive), Revenge of Death Adder in arcades, a spin-off fighting game for the Sega Saturn, and its last release in 2008 with Beast Rider.  

SOURCE: Variety

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