REPORT | Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Seemingly Dead

Anything I say becomes a headline - Lars Wingefors (Embracer Group CEO)

Based on outlets, the troubled development of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic may be put to rest, as it appears nobody is currently working the game. According to a report from Zoey Handley of Destructoid (originally reported in IGN), during a financial presentation, Embracer Group CEO Lars Wingefors was rather dismissive and dodgey regarding the state of the anticipated remake of one of the more beloved Star Wars video games.

“I notice that anything I say to this becomes a headline, so that is my only comment,” Wingefors replied.

Well, "no comment" says quite a lot. Since its initial reveal back in 2021 during the PlayStation Showcase, little to nothing resembling positive news manifests itself, and the snowball kept rolling downhill. Last year, an early build from Texas-based development team Aspyr was considered unimpressive, leading to the project being put on hold. The game's art and design directors, Brad Prince and Jason Minor respectively, left the staff. Production rights was pulled from Aspyr and given to Saber Interactive (World War Z, Evil Dead: The Game), a studio owned by Embracer Group.

With the fate of this game hanging in limbo, Embracer Group themselves have been doing some financial restructuring, following some extravagant spending in recent years. This has resulted in the media holdings company trimming the employee staff and cancelling projects. Knights of the Old Republic Remake spent three years in development, and this incarnation of the game, whatever it was intended to be, is all but confirmed to be vaporware.

SOURCE: Destructoid, IGN

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