Net Marble's King Of Fighters All-stars Teases Crossover Event With Street Fighter 6

It's that time again for SNK and Capcom to collaborate...within the mobile game universe, that is. The mobile game King of Fighters All-stars, a side-scrolling brawler with gacha mechanics where you can acquire and build your dream KOF teams, posted on their X/Twitter a teaser image with the caption "coming soon".

The characters featured in the image depict Juri, Ken Cammy, Guile, and one of the new characters in Street Fighter 6, Jamie. A little surprising that other mainstays like Ryu and Chun-Li are absent. I'm wagering this on the fact they were headliners in the previous Street Fighter collab, along with Luke.

In 2022, King of Fighters All-Stars hosted a Street Fighter V collaboration, giving you the opportunity to draw for time-limited exclusive characters and cards. With the first season of Street Fighter 6 close to being wrapped up (likely ending with the announcement of Akuma), along with King of Fighters XV finishing its second season of content with Hinako Shijo, why not spend downtime doing crossovers?   

King of Fighters All-stars is currently available as free-to-play for Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

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